A Model of Growth



Near the end of summer

My garden supplies the model for these reflections. Strict rules govern whatever happens there. Soil, water and sunshine follow those rules. In  four months only, from April to August they enable a seed no larger than a thumbnail to develop into a plant nearly twice the height of an adult person. And that’s only the beginning of phenomenal growth sunflowers model in my garden.

Time allows the seed to grow, much as it does in matters of religion, where I have a particular interest in schools. Presumably, a church and the schools it sponsors  also grow naturally in conditions unrelated to climate, but nonetheless in conditions that are readily identifiable.

Much as time helped the sunflower seed, so it favored growth of the church and its schools to which I have been connected since childhood. The result is distinct in twenty-first century Adventism, shown by a contributor to Wikipedia who cites informed sources to identify my church as

  •      the fastest-growing church in the United States,
  •      one of the world’s fastest-growing organizations and
  •      probably the most widespread Protestant denomination.

Such highly rated growth of Adventism fascinates an amateur gardener who loves taking pictures of the sunflowers in his garden. That fascination prompts a photographic subset to this blog, as continued here.