This site,, presents another side of the story of colonial rule in the British West Indies. 

The traditional view of the region is of activity premised on pain. The view offered here, however, is of four centuries of insistent effort to reduce pain. That effort went beyond medicine, hospitals or nursing. It took shape in a pattern of schooling directed toward development of health care.

This work celebrates the unique sequel.

Among other details, development of health care meant fabrication of smaller, less intimidating needles than those used when my mother was young. Parallel to the effort to improve needles, other initiatives featured such, notably, as extensive work to educate children previously judged unsuitable for schooling. The result, achieved in just four decades was spectacular. A painful disease that terrorised populations worldwide for thousands of years disappeared. Within living memory, the number of cases of smallpox worldwide reduced to zero. 

What does the idea of more user-friendly needles have to do with Covid-19? What do needles and Covid-19 have to do with British settlement in the Americas? And what is the connection between "model schools" and canary birds?

There is no short answer.

This website, traces the long history of schooling, to answer questions relative to personal well-being.

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