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Tiger Parents

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The recent death of my oldest sister, Florence, at age 82 marked yet another stage of a dream held before her birth. It underlay the U-turn that allowed me, ten years her junior, to attend Northeastern College. A review of her dream introduces this blog that blends autobiography with history.

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About the teacher

Horace Scobie

This course comes out of my experience of Northeastern College (1962-1966) and the years after (1967-73).  

The early 1960s started with daily travel from Sangre Grande to Port of Spain and back by car, but more often, by  bus. 

The early 1970s brought welcome adventure in air travel. The third year of a course in Latin American Studies at the University of Toronto took me from Canada, through several countries all the way to San Carlos de Bariloche in Southern Argentina. ((See the course, From Armageddon to Cocoa Beans.))

Through this blog, I share with you the mental shift that paralleled an eye-opening experience of travel. It led me from concerns sensed as an adolescent in Sangre Grande, back to a mindset absorbed in infancy from my grandmother in Moriah, Tobago.

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