Sharing about schools
Sunflower at maturity

Time for Growing

    ​The idea

    ​Th​​is ​reflection on ​an unusual ​growth of schools ​in a​n adventist​​ "church" has its roots in an annual cycle in my garden. 

    ​The cycle ​starts ​in ​​March. ​

    Time takes its course ​

    ​Which, in normal conditions

    means natural growth.

    pacaket of sunflower seeds
    Sunflower seed

    ​The ​result

    ​​In sixteen weeks,​ ​​a small seed ​​ becomes a stunning ​plant.

    ​​The plant​ grows, raising a ​heavy, large flower ​over 250 cms (eight feet) ​above ground. ​

    ​​That flower is ​​like sunrise, lighting the garden ​from dawn to sunset, t​​he camera capturing ​​part only of th​is extraordinary ​growth.

    ​​That observation led to this ​idea of ​​studying Seventh-day Adventism ​through its schools​.

    Sunflower at maturity